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Handed down from the past, a time honored tradition cherished from one generation to the next. Joseph Nicola's limited production pieces are fine works of art and function, they redefine heirloom quality craftsmanship and pride. For over 20 years Joseph Nicola has been creating these exquisite pieces to be collected, admired and appreciated, now and for generations to come.

First appearing in Europe in the 1300's and historically recognized as an authentication stamp of purity and quality the maker's 'mark' was used by true craftsmen and makers of fine gold and silver to proudly brand their works. Joseph Nicola brings back that tradition of quality, which is why each and every piece we create is adorned with our 'mark', the Joseph Nicola signature.


We offer a wide range of designs that span a broad spectrum of mediums while maintaining a focus on providing a luxurious lifestyle experience. Our background in designing and building elegant family estates has given us a profound understanding of luxury and has allowed us to take it to unprecedented levels.

Our signature style embodies a character that's as distinct and individual as our clients. Joseph Nicola brings life, excitement and passion into any space, from estates, jets and yachts to vacation villas to resorts. Our designs create an expression, an emotion and a feeling meant to be experienced. We welcome you to share in our passion for artistic luxury.